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Hi, I’m Rob. Nice to meet you.

I’m currently focused on:


Profitable direct-response marketing: I develop and apply profit-focused ways to use direct response marketing to help people upgrade their business sales, profitability and stability.


Facebook & Google ads: I’ve assisted multiple businesses optimize their ad budgets using proven strategies that generate real-world results and KPIs. No vanity optimization BS on page views here.

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Automation & programming: I’ve empowered many businesses by automating business processes and freeing up more time and resources using custom software, scripts and automation tools.

I also enjoy sharing and discussing weekly marketing experiences and learnings with the fine people in my email list. Join the discussion.

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Please note that I am at full capacity for client projects right now.

Please contact me so we can discuss your needs for when a spot becomes available. In some cases, for short projects, I can still be of service. And if not, I will be able to refer you to a trusted professional in my network.


– Rob